FUDCon EMEA 2010 has just finished. It was the first international Fedora event i participated and I really enjoyed it. It was really nice meeting and talking with people from the Fedora community and getting to know more about the Fedora community mentality.

barcamp schedule

The Greek "gang", always present at these events, was Pierros, Vaggelis, Christos, Vaggelis (the new Greek guy :P) and me.


The most interesting sessions were: RPM Packaging Workshop, Introduction to GIMP/Inkscape, Fedora Design Suite, Legal and License, Introduction to VoIP and most of the BarCamp sessions.

I've uploaded more FUDCon photos here.

PS. I'm writing this post being a little in a hurry. I have to rest. We are taking an early train for Geneva in order to have a guided tour at Cern. :D