Just about a month ago my two years term as FSFE community representative to the General Assembly ended.

Great experience. I very much enjoyed the whole term and I have nothing but positive to keep. I met some awesome people and got in touch far more deeply with the way that FSFE works. One thing that I struggled sometimes with was to better represent the community. I mean.. the two community members sitting on GA, besides being elected for their will to participate actively at GA's decisions, are also representatives. There were many cases when I felt that I was mostly representing myself, since there was no easy way of knowing what the community feels on a certain issue. In many countries the fellowship groups are far more vivid (and bigger) than Greece, so I guess that participating at the local meetups gives the opportunity to discuss these things and interact with (at least the local part of) the community.

With that in mind I decided that it was about time to start regular local meetups in Athens. We may not be many FSFE fellows members here, but the fellowship meetups were never meant to be only for members. So the "Athens Free Software Monthly Meetups" were born (first Wednesday of each month, at local hackerspace). We already had our first on April and the second one is coming with a "Free Your Android" theme.