2007.05.17 - #opensource

i 'm nothing like a gadget maniac, but i couldn 't resist... i 'm writting this post from my recently purchased handheld: a sharp zaurus sl-c1000 (akita).


it came with qtopia installed. although its a very convinient enviroment for normal pdas, it 's kind of limited for zaurus. so very few zaurus users keep qtopia more than a week. i kept it 2 days, before i install gpe. i kept it another 2 days and then decided to switch to pdaxrom, as i found it more customizable, and being a slackware user, that 's my major criterion.

pdaxrom is an almost full gnu/linux, that comes with matchbox window manager. it crossed my mind to switch it over to fluxbox, my regular window manager in my "normal" pc, but i think that matchbox way of manipulating desktop is more useful when it comes to small screens.

that 's all for now. i m going out, on a war driving session... :) but i 'm closing this post with the uname output:

Linux stalker 2.4.20 #1 Sat, 25 Mar 2006 14:11:16 +0000 armv5tel unknown