hackers in action

diary post for the greek coding camp 2009 that took place at paleochora (chania, crete, greece) for 5 days (4-7 july 2009).

day 1 (4/7)

we reached the island at 5.30 in the morning. we made a stop to enjoy the local hospitality with a rich breakfast and an hour of sleep. we travelled by car (about 1.30h) to the camping (paleochora) and we set up our tents.

first thing to do is share the projects: - OpenOffice Templates translation - OpenOffice greek numbered lists - OpenOffice greek build testing - Transifex work-flow support - Letterscript for greek final "s" bug

lunch break with greek mousaka and tsikoudia :D

personally i was more interested on openoffice projects and especially the greek build testing.

day ended with a quick visit at the cold sea and a few glass of wine.

day 2 (5/7)

day started with some network problems. it seems that some lady rested her bag over the router, so it got warm beyond accepted limits :P

two more new guys arrives, so during lunch break we had some great conversations.

after some installation problems we managed to install the latest release candidate on cmpachar's fedora laptop and on ubuntu virtualbox installation on my netbook. thanx to ntua we had access to a (12g ram, 16 core cpu) fast machine, so we also compiled openoffice straight from the subversion.

day 3 (6/7)

early waking. some of us did a nice conversation about lost and its timeline :D

later we had a sort seminar-like conversation about pgp essentials and gpg usage. just to convince everyone who didn't have a key to sign ours :P

later at night we visited the near by village and we were enlightened by hoo2 about rubick cube solution mind algorithms.

day 4 (7/7)

day began with openoffice testing again. cmpachar did a great job there.

a new page added to the event wiki, since we managed to convience a young user for the benefits of free software (potato guy really helped on this one).

playing potato guy

highlights: openoffice greek build testing completed for the greek build by cmpachar and me, glezos and alupo completed the transifex task, elias and manolis translated openoffice templates to greek, pantelis and hoo2 almost finished adding usb dsl modems support at the network manager.

totally 16 hackers joined the greek coding camp. we had great fun, combining swimming at the libyan sea and tsikoudia with coding. i hope this will be a new event series in greece, so we can terrorize every greek camping with our geek conversations and habits :D