I always like to test distributions but due to lack of time i rarely do it :) I'm using Gentoo for quite some time now (and Debian on some machines I administrate), but i wanted a more desktop-oriented distribution, at least for my netbook where Gentoo compile-all philosophy was not the best way to go.

I have to admit that my first thought was Ubuntu. Maybe because I'm already using an apt-get distro and it seemed like the obvious choice. But who am I kidding? I'm an active member of Greek FOSS Communtiy, so the existence, and more important the quality and activities, of the community that inevitably grows around a distribution is very important thing to me. So I was looking for a desktop-oriented distribution with bleeding-edge technologies and vivid community. And the only name that came up to my mind was Fedora!

I first installed it on my netbook, where I also had the ability to test Moblin (on Fedora it's just a 'yum install @moblin-desktop' away :)) and I was so pleased by the performance that I have already Fedorized my Desktop! Did i said anything about the community? I was impressed by the quality of Fedora community last year on Fosdem and that impression was enhanced this year by Fedora's participation on the biggest FOSS European Conference. Besides that, over the last 1-2 years i have met some members of the Greek Fedora Community, the Greek Fedora Ambassadors, and i have to admit that it's one of the most active and vivid community in Greece. Being willing to contribute, as i already do in many ways for FOSS in general with mostly advocating activities, I have already apply for Fedora Ambassador and hoping to find the time to be more involved and active inside Fedora ecosystem.

PS. for those wondering, Gentoo (and secondly Debian) will still be my first choice when it comes to Systems Administration, but it was time i move over to a new Desktop Distribution.