Last Thursday I participated at the workshop at Brussels. Almost running from airport to airport after the Osepa Sheffield Workshop.

Below some highlights from the notes I kept: - 2006: initiated on as IDABC project - 2008: site is launched - 2010: is part of ISA programme - Current state: 200 projects, federates national forges, 30% og hosted projects use EUPL

EUPL - 2007: EUPL is approved by European Commission - Available on all official EU languages - Uses European copyright law and terminology - OSI/FSF approved - Impact: Estonia, Spain, Malta, Netherlands examples - EUPL is part of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF v2)

Interesting Projects - OpenPublic: Open-Source e-gov platform based on drupal - Eyepea: Open-Source VoIP intergrator with big Asterisk deployments (European EURid .eu Registar and European Commission among them)