Some notes and highlights from #33c3. In particular, some talks I found worth watching. I intentionally don't mention any of the much interesting self-organized sessions and workshops I participated since these are not recorded. I'm just listing some interesting projects at the bottom. I wrote these notes quickly, so I'm certainly missing some stuff.

Pro Tip: If you use Kodi, install the relevant add-on to watch these in comfort.


Hacking / Security

Space / Radio


  • Machine Dreams
    Mind fuck presentation. AI, Cellular Automata and more.

Interesting projects

  • Glider Ink: a project aiming to create the first graphic novel about hackerspaces.
  • Pixalated: a "privacy-by-default" webmail client on top of LEAP.
  • LibrePCB: a free EDA software to develop printed circuit boards.
  • OnionMX: email delivery through Tor.
  • Schleuder: a gpg-enabled mailing list.
  • Autocrypt: email automatic encryption approach.

PS. If you attended 33c3, some post ccc depression tips :)

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