This weekend the Mozcamp 2011 took place at Berlin. This was actually the first Mozilla event I participated and I really had a great time, meeting a lot of mozillians, exchanging ideas, talking about the future of the web we are to trying to build.

Some of the highlights of this Mozcamp:

ReMo project

Being a Mozilla Rep myself, I should start from this one. If you aren't already aware of what that is, go to the relevant wiki page and dig around. The Mozcamp was a great chance to get more familiar with the SIGs (Special Interested Groups) inside Mozilla and of course socialize with other Mozilla Reps.


This is fairly new (I think). It's an effort of building spaces all around the globe for Mozillians to meet and work together.

Mozilla IT

Wouldn't be nice if the Mozilla IT infrastructure was so open that community members could participate? Check out how you can do it on this blog post.

Open Web Apps

I've written before about that. In Mozcamp I had the chance to see the current state of open web apps and watch a live demo of the apps place.

Boot to Gecko One of the hottest Mozilla projects right now. Many WebAPIs have already been implemented and we actually had the chance to see a live demo of phone/sms web apps. So.. are we mobile yet?


Getting HTML5 technologies to their limits. I attended the presentation, and really got impressed by the work been made so far. It's good to know that Adobe Reader it's one of the most vulnerable programmes on the web.

Developer engagement & Browser ID

Great talks by Christian Heilmann, on how to become an ass kick public speaker (!) and on the current state of browserid. I learned about a cool tracking page of Mozilla public speeches, about the browserid future plans and discovered a detailed browserid guide.

Amo builder

Finally a great discussion about the new Add-ons Builder (aka Jetpack). It seems that the most difficult job there is to convience the old-school add-on developers about the neccessity of migrating to Jetpack. Some benefits: Easier coding (you don't need to know much about XUL), Restartless add-ons, Firefox version independent. Get a ride.