Fosscomm, the annual conference of the Greek Free Software community, took place last weekend and Mozilla had a big presence with talks and workshops the whole Sunday.

mozilla Starting early in the morning, along with Pierros, we had the opportunity to talk about "Firefox on 2012" and the new features that are developed and will land sometime during this year. We started with a quick summary of the things that came on 2011, as a direct result of rapid release process, and then we got through all the cool new features that are about to come. See the Presentation and the Firefox Roadmap.

Right after this I had the opportunity to do a hands-on presentation of all the Firefox developer tools, that really help the productivity of a web developer (without any need of 3rd party add-ons). In a nutshell: Web Console, Inspector, Scratchpad, Style Editor.

Right after it was Fredy's turn to give a hands-on presentation. This time about Add-Ons and how you can use the SDK Builder. Nice in depth presentation.

Then we moved to the main conference room where Pierros and Fredy gave a speech about B2G. Seems that a lot of people were aware (or at least fully aware) about this huge project. The presentation ended with a demo of B2G running on a smartphone, that really impressed the audience.

Back to the hands-on presentations with an Apps & Marketplace overview by Pierros and Fredy. It was a good opportunity to clarify why web apps are important and what's the dereference with simple web pages. In the end there was a joint effort to create a web app for Wikipedia, which currently is under review on Mozilla Marketplace.

Giorgos and me did a presentation about "Identity on the Web", talking mostly about BrowserID and what changes on the way we identify ourselves on the web sites we need to login or register. We did a quick demo using an OpenPhoto instance and talked a lot about the technical aspects of it. See the presentation and especially the video on the last slide.

Last presentation by Giorgos, who did a nice motivating presentation of the WebDev workflow he's using on Mozilla, and which steps you have to do in order to contribute.

Then we moved to the workshop room, where we did a nearly 2h workshop on B2G and show in what areas any community member can contribute. I think it was a great overallĀ  presence of Greek Mozillians, we had the chance to talk with many people, and hopefully we'll keep up on the same spirit :)