open design

_"Fuck commitees, I believe in lunatics" ~ Tibor Kalman_

The Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is an annual gathering for the discussion of free and open source software used for design, illustration, typography, lay-out, art, photography, publishing, cartography, animation and video.

For years I wanted to participate and this year I finally did it. I had a presentation about Popcorn Maker and how people can use it to remix videos and teach others how to be web makers.

Check out my full Popcorn Maker presentation below and the full photo album.

On the front wall of the Medialab Prado (the host venue) there was a 15-meter wide LED facade displaying processing.js artworks. A special online editor was created for people to submit "code" for this installation. Below is my simple humble contribution (inspired by similar music scene from a favorite movie :P).

void setup() {
  size(192, 157); 

  colorMode(HSB); //HSB mode to have beautiful random colors

void draw () {
  x = Math.round(random(192)/16);
  y = Math.round(random(160)/16);
  fill(random(255), 200, 200);
  rect(x*16, y*16, 16, 16);

See the video below for more cool creations.